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Friday, 7 February: Liverpool

Au programme de ce vendredi, journée à Liverpool qui vous est présentée par les élèves.

Matinée au musée de Beatles:

"Today, on the morning, we went to the Museum dedicated to the Beatles. Everybody enjoyed it and there were several reasons for this success. First, it was interactive: we had audio guide  with John Lennon’s sister telling us the story. We saw a reproduction of “The Cavern”, as if we were in the 1960s. It was amazing ! The Cavern was a pub where the Beatles were first playing music. It was the same street, the same atmosphere as before. We’ve also seen a human sized version of the Sergeant Pepper’s album cover. I’ve also loved it and found it very interesting"


Dans l'après-midi, certains sont allés visiter le stade de foot du club de Liverpool FC tandis que d'autres ont parcouru le Musée de Liverpool.

"Today, we went to Liverpool's stadium, we saw the stadium and we visited the stadium's museum. The stadium was big but it will become bigger soon. Celebrities came to see a match, like Beyonce, Jay-Z or Zinédine Zidane. The museum shows the best players, videos of the best goals and trophies which were won."

"The visit of the Liverpool stadium was so cool. We began by visiting the stadium, we saw the field, the stands. We took pictures of the stadium. Then we went to the museum of Liverpool FC. In this museum, we watch ed different extracts of matches, we saw all the trophies and pictures about the history of the team. It was great and the stadium is nice !"

- Louis, Romain

"The museum is about all Liverpool history (from Prehistory and the Ice Age to nowadays). It is about their culture (suffragettes, the Beatles, colonization…), old architectural styles and also the Industrial Revolution (first train and railroads). It was very interesting."

"The guide was very nice and he didn’t use difficult words to explain and we understood very well. We even sung some songs of the Beatles in a karaoke, it was funny !"

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par MARION SORIN le 8 février 2014

Du 4 au 11 février, une trentaine d' élèves rendent visite à leurs correspondants du Carmel College de St Helen's. Ils recevront ensuite leurs correspondants au mois d'avril.

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